Korumail redundancy


Is there a way to have two servers sync between each other for redundancy.

If not can Comodo add such a feature?

Hello @mikiemsp
We have forwarded your inquiry / request to the product development team for further analysis. Rest assured that we will get back to you once we get word from the team. We appreciate your patience on the matter.

Currently no, but hopefully this is on the road map as it would make this product extremely scale-able.

Hello @mikiemsp,

We would like to share the response from our development team.

You may run the mail system active-active redundant by this way,

  • Add a Second Korumail node with a new IP on your network.
  • Apply the same product configuration to the second node
  • Modify MX record of customer's public dns by adding second node IP in MX list to distribute the smtp traffic through both nodes

Thank you

Hi @Samuel_C

Yes that would do it but it doesn’t provide a single portal form where we can see all emails. Now if we want to find an email and its not on the main system we would have to go through the others. It should be easy to implement as Comodo do this already for their cloud based version.Also adding the single portal would improve archiving. As the same situation can happen when an email goes to the other gateway.

Maybe something like Proxmox Mail Gateway Clustering

Something like this definitely needs to be added as the archive feature is not usable and the scalability is hard to manage.


Having multiple systems speaking together and updating a single DB or sync DBs would be great.