Language, HelpDesk portal design, SLA for each customers

Dear support,

First of all, please excuse me my english - i’m not a native speaker. And that is my first question - how to switch the main portal and help-desk user portal to some other language except English, for instance to Russian or Italian. I see, it based on OSTicket, and as i know, it supports many languages for the user portal and agent desk as well. So my first point is language.

  • Another question is about the design of helpdesk user portal. How to change it and customize for each customer.
  • How to configure Separate SLA and TTR (Time To Resolve) for each customer or is it possible to reflect it as a products (8/5 plan, 24/7 or based on ticket priority and urgency).

Thank you in advance.

Andrey (Andy)

Hello @andreyfabrikant,

Welcome to Comodo ONE!

The ability to change the language used in the Comodo ONE portal is still in the works. The original planned release of Q4 2017 has been postponed to give way to the stability updates released a few months ago. We will update you further once we get more information of its implementation.

Regarding with your last 2 queries, please check these Help Guide links for more information:…nter-Page.html…nts-(SLA).html

Please note that customizing the page for each customer is not yet possible but the links above will help you gather more information about Service Desk.

You may also want to check this link:…sk-Module.html

Thank you for your support.