Launching of Service Desk V2 for Major Release of 2022 Q1 [3 of 4]

Hello everyone!

We’re excited to inform you that Service Desk V2 is now available. The new Service Desk v2 will only be available for new customers, who create an account after the 14th of April until we finalize a migration study for existing customers.

We will continue to add new features to Service Desk V2. Please feel free to share your features requests with us.


Creating Teams

  • Teams are created to assign tickets. A team lead and members are assigned to a team.
​ Figure 9: Teams creation under Admin Panel -> Staff -> Teams

Creating Organizations

  • Users and tickets are associated with the created organizations.
​ Figure 10: Organizations creation under Agent Panel -> Users -> Organizations Workflows
  • Automated actions are performed once the ticket is created by the users. The conditions are determined to perform the workflow. The performed actions are determined for the tickets which satisfy the specified conditions.

Figure 11: Workflow creation under Admin Panel -> Manage -> Workflow
Client Page

  • The tickets are created by users from the below page. The client page is accessed by the below link.
https://{subdomain} ​ Figure 12: Client Page Best Regards, Product Management Team