LDAP Sync Questions

Couple of questions about LDAP sync. I’m syncing “through a device”. Here are the questions:

  1. Where are the log files and/or status of the sync in the portal?
  2. What are the minimum permissions ( Security Groups) that the ldap user must have to do a successful sync?


Thank you for the response. I have two AD sync attempts. 1 has the sync status “run” and has been there for 36 hours and 1 has status failed with the reason"unable to get information about groups". I was referring to the AD user that I put in the one platform. I’m looking for additional logs as the messages don’t seem to be very informative. Two other questions:

  1. What AD groups are necessary for this to work? I’d prefer not to have Domain admins listed.
  2. In a case where there is a user in the system, lets say “beagle@dog.com” that is a part of the organization “Canine”. If I want to sync their AD domain hounds.local, is there any way to merge the users? I can’t wait to long to do the AD sync. If it isn’t work then I need to create users manually but I don’t want to cause a headache for myself later down the line.


Hello @easterntech50 ,

We have contacted you via email and created a support ticket for additional troubleshooting for this case.

Same problem here.
What was the solution?
Using a non-dc server as proxy with EM Agent installed.

Found the problem:
needs to be domain.local

Same here…

Agent is running on Windows, so ill guess .local makes no sense, it also not worked.

Any other suggestions?

THX a lot,

Hi Megachip,

Sorry for the trouble caused. We have created a support ticket to investigate the issue.

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