Lead capture forms for website

I’m looking for a way to capture information from our website (using web forms, etc.) directly into our CRM as a Lead. Is this possible with Comodo?


This seems to be a specific approach for creating leads. This functionality seems not present yet on CRM. We will forward this feature functionality request to our Product Development team and have it analyzed.

Does Vtiger have this feature?

Hello @curatrix_pl and @StrobeTech,

Functionality for Vtiger webforms and outlook integration with Comodo CRM currenty shows on our roadmap and planned to be implemented in 2018-Q4.
This forum topic is also related here.

Thank you for your patience.

This isn’t a unique or odd request. We too would love this, it is holding us back from fully adopting the CRM solution. All this means is a mechanism to push a sign up form “contact me”, newsletter etc… or download gateway into the CRM directly to avoid rekeying. Now we do this with a different CRM and have to add it to Comodo one manually.

Hello @AAllen ,

Thank you for the feedback.
We also added you on the loop of interested customers for the said feature.