Let us Walk you through on new License management!

Hello everyone,

As you know, we released a license management capability at 04-13-2019. We prepared you a tutorial for you to walk you through on License Management. You will also see full pdf version of it from attachment. In this tutorial we will explain how licenses can be managed seamlessly through Endpoint Manager!

We will go through 5 different steps in this tutorial:

  • How you can add a new license to manage
  • How you can assign specific license to specific customer
  • How you can distribute a license between customers
  • How you can distribute licenses to a single customer
  • How you can get usage reports for your licenses
Before we start, you can share any questions, comments, or ideas regarding license management from this post. Thus, we can address your feedback to serve all your needs on this!

Step 1: How you can add a new license to manage

Go to license management page in your Endpoint Manager and click add license. Then enter the license key you have to add a new license.

After you add you will be directed to license summary page and you will be able to see the license in the list.

Step 2: How you can assign specific license to specific customer

There are two types of allocation type of a license which are

  • Global: The license will be available for all customers means that you will be able to assign seats to all your customers.
  • Customer: The license will be assigned to a specific customer so that you reserve license to that customer. This means, you will only use the seats of this license to that customer.
In order to change allocation type go to the summary page of your license and edit, change allocation type and save as shown below:

Step 3: How you can distribute a license between customers

With this feature you will be able to allocate a specific license between your customers. This way, you will be able to track your licenses and see the usage that you have for your different customers.

There are 2 way of handling this:

Step 3.a - in Quick View

In license list, you have a quick view that enables you to quickly manage your license between customers as shown below:

  • Open Quick View
  • Allocate seats to the customers
  • Apply the changes

Please note that you will only see top 5 customers here. You can also search customers in quick view to take action on them.

Step 3.b - Customers Tab in License Details

In license details you will have an extended view of all your customers and you can assign the license to all your customers and see the current status from this tab.

Please note that in this view, you can also empty seats of your customers for that specific license. You may also filter out any customer to take action on. You may reach this page by going details of any license that you have and click Customers Tab inside detail view. Step 4: How you can distribute licenses to a single customer

We have an enhanced management capability for licenses. Just like you distribute a license to customers, you also have the ability to manage the customers and allocate seats from different licenses to same customer.

We have 2 different methods to achieve this, too:

Step 4.a: Quick View from License Allocations

In license management section, we have a tab called License Allocations to do that specific task we described. You will be able to allocate seats from different licenses to the customer that you select as shown below:

Step 4.b: Allocation from Customer Details

In the specific customer view, you will be able to reach all licenses available and allocate different licenses for this customer. ​​​​​​​For this, you need to go to licenses->License Allocations and click on any customer to manage. Step 5: How you can get usage reports for your licenses

In order to see the usage for each specific license, you will be able to have a mechanism to get usage reports for your licenses with below information in a structured manner.

  • The type of license
  • Expiration date
  • Reporting period
  • Allocation type
  • Allocation for Each Customer
  • Total Number of Devices with CCS
  • Unlicensed Device for Each Customer
Here in the below screen you will see how you can reach and set up reports for each license from License Details -> Report Settings

Ayhan Epik
Product Manager,
Endpoint Manager

License Management Tutorial.pdf (826 KB)

Great Guide!

Apologies if I missed this somewhere, but is there a way to tell which specific devices a license gets tied to.

Also is there any way to create a report on demand or only by schedule?

Hello @eztech ,

Thank you for the feedback. This license management gives you a visibility of the seats that is available for you to allocate. Right now, we do not have a way to tell which device is licensed. However, we also have plans to reflect this in the product so that you can manage specific devices with license. We will also share this visibility on the device list itself, too.

Right now on demand reporting is not available. This is also a plan that we will be adding to this feature.

You may think of this feature as the initiation of the management capabilities for our MSP customers to start management of their licenses easily!

Your feedback is valuable. I am very happy to see that we have the same vision on improvements, too.

Product Manager
Endpoint Manager

Understood. Thank you for clarifying!

@ayhanepik Can you clarify what this license line relates to?

We have a long list of licenses that could do with explanation as they do not show in CAM as far as we have found.
I know one of them is the ITarian/C1 license…

Hello @amcssit ,

I sent you a private message to understand the issue more clearly. For the column named “Allocated”, it shows the number of seats that you allocated for your devices. For used, you can open quick view to see how many of the allocated is actually used.

Ayhan Epik,
Product Manager,
Endpoint Manager

My query was about the whole line.

What is the licence it relates to for? It’s called EndPoint Manager: does that mean we should start allocating these to EndPoints? Is it in addition to, a replacement for, or new naming of the currently free Agent? Or is this for some future licensing situation where the basic enrolment and EndPoint management is no longer free?

The name of the license is Endpoint Manager but it reflects to advanced endpoint protection because Comodo Client Security is an enterprise solution that is why Endpoint Manager license reflects to that logic.

You need to handle these licenses for your devices with CCS. Endpoint Manager is totally free and there is no requirement for Communication Client to be licensed. You may use seats of your licenses for Comodo Client Security.

Let me know if you have any concern.


What Ayhan is getting to, is that the CCS licenses we provide also include a license for CCC and Valkyire

Hello @amcssit ,

Please refer to this help guide and we hope it answers your query regarding license allocation.


Have a look at this guide at the top of this post as it is very good information on managing your licenses.

Thanks Robin.

If I’m reading this correctly, the total devices is the number of computers you have enrolled in the EM, The 27 Seats refers to the number of available devices you can add the CCS to. It says you have 17 of them used so you have 10 of them left.

22 - The total number of computers enrolled in EM
27 - The number of total computers the CCS license is for.
17 - The total number of CCS computers used up.
10 - The total number of computers available to be put on the CCS license (27-17)