Let's talk a bit what you think about ITarian Patch Management!

Hi everyone!

You use ITSM Patch Management, visit forum, read and comment on posts. Let’s talk a bit what you think about our product! What is the main benefit of this product for you? Or, if you could change just one thing about ITSM Patch Management, what would it be?

The reason why I’m asking is that we want to know what you need, and your insights can help us do just that!

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ITSM Patch Management

I think its been pretty much broken since we started to using it.
Still broken.

Hi @smartcloud

Could you please provide more explanation about what is broken? If you can be specific, we can check and help you as soon as possible.


Since we started to use the platform some months ago, its been issues with forign language patches and patch status being wrong.
At this point I am not sure how much we trust it. I really like the feature and I think it will be great as soon as this works.
It might be all fixed now but I will give it some time to see if its good or not.

It’s not really there yet, when we update a server the server still show as missing patches, also after manually pressing “Refresh device information”

Usually we have to wait 8-12 hours for the device to show as patched

Hello @smartcloud, regarding on your reported case in ITSM PM, we have already sent you an email and we are waiting for the logs needed by our development team. Please reply at your convenience.

Hi @frederikbay, we will reach you via email for additional details in resolving this issue.

Thank you for your patience.

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NOTE: This thread is about a healthy (maybe heated at times) discussion of the current capabilities of the ITSM Patch Management.

We value and honor the security of our customers’ trust when it comes to any form of data they entrust to us. Hence, any customer concern that requires gathering of logs (with potentially sensitive information) will be addressed through a C1 Support ticket. Any such post will be moved to a more appropriate thread to keep this one clean of unrelated posts (gathering logs, script errors, etc.).

We have been trialing this product for 18 months … the patch management is still not working correctly …

Hi @rgb, our development team has advised that foreign language titles should disappear now. Kindly refresh Patch Inventory and then check your patch lists.

Refreshing the inventory can be done by clicking the “Check Available Updates” button which is placed above the list of any device’s patch list.

I have one question for windows patches, our company we are blocked automatic updates using our firewall. now this windows patches download by Comodo agent automatically or it will use our internet to download and install?

Hello @Thulasitharan ,

Endpoint Manager checks Microsoft update servers for available Windows patches and lists them on you EM interface.
It will require internet to download the update and install it on your device, tho you can still block some OS updates you don`t
want to be deployed by hiding the patch from your portal.
You can also uninstall windows update and roll back to the previous version
For more information, please check this Patch Management helpguide.

I hope this suffices your query.