LibreOffice not showing anymore

I have a machine with LibreOffice installed. For a while 3rd party patch management section showed an option to update LibreOffice. The software is still the same version and shows up in Software Inventory, but it is no longer on the list in 3rd party patch management.

Hi @vconsulting,

Please make sure the latest version of CCC is installed on the affected devices and also, very important, check if there are any hidden patches in ITSM Portal > Patch Management. If there are any, un-hide them all because the hidden patches will not be listed on any of the enrolled devices and may have as result differences such as the ones reported (easiest way to check: go to Applications > PM and check the left bottom corner for the total number of patches - it must be the same for both cases when the “Show hidden patch(es)” option is turned off and on.

Thank you,

Hi @vconsulting

We have updated libre office in the ITSM third party patch management server.

Could you please check again?