Licence expired. Can't control Windows devices


I’ve tried contacting support but I’m not getting anywhere. I was sent a link to purchase 88 licences but this doesn’t cover the amount of Windows devices we have, and everywhere I view licence information it says it’s free, it shouldn’t expire. I’m really confused by the website, support and the licence management area. Its all contradictory.

I currently see 2 licences applied to my account. Both say they’re free. Since the “cost-neutral” update ITarian released recently, our account was updated to the “Standard” option, rather than the Free previously. The licence we had when we first registered in 2018 has now expired as of 27th Jan. Claiming "You need additional Endpoint Manager License! In order to continue using Endpoint Manager functionalities, pay unpaid bill(s) or add new licenses.

I’ve looked and it appears this licence that expired is what is generating an invoice to be paid.

We’re also got another licence on our account called “Endpoint Manager Standard Edition” which has unlimited everything and says “Postpaid” 27/12/2019 and has no expiration date.

What do I do?


@NMLStephen Hi Stephen please DM me your account holder admin email and i will assist you.

speak to @StrobeTech for the licenses.

Hi @NMLStephen , as @dittoit has suggested please get in touch with me about this as we are a nice a simple distributor with no hidden prices, fees etc.

We distribute currently to UK, US, EU, New Zealand and Australia successfully in £, $ and € depending on what is easier for you.

If you would like to discuss your requirements and get a simple pricing guide please contact me on


I too find the way the licences bought are shown very confusing. I think you should make clearer it under Licence Management sub menu. I paid my invoice for some Antivirus licence and still I don’t find it in that sub menu. I think the Licence Managemnt menu should list the licences bought or pending in clear way. Instead right now I have to exit from Itarian and go to Partner web site where a long list of licences (free o paid ) are listed. Very confusing indeed.

Hi @datalink

The name of some licenses currently is not perfect.
In your License Management tool inside Endpoint Manager you should see the following possible licenses which are called License Configuration:-

  • Endpoint Manager
  • Endpoint Manager + Valkyrie
  • Endpoint Manager Standard Edition
As you can see they are almost the same product and do not fully relate to the items listed inside Bill Forecast which are: -
  • Endpoint Manager (Desktop)
  • Endpoint Manager (Mobile)
  • Advanced Endpoint Protection
  • Endpoint Detection and Response

I shall brush over these and Comodo / ITarian please correct me if I’m not 100% right as we need to make sure we passing on right information to our MSPs we supply to.

Endpoint Manager (Desktop / Mobile)
This is the ITarian RMM product which is also known as Endpoint Manager from a web page point of view. On a client’s computer this is seen as an application called ITarian Communication Client unless you have used the branding to change this.

This product shows in the licenses as Endpoint Manager & Endpoint Manager Standard Edition. This is because the first is licenses purchased in advance by distributors like us; and this provides your business with a set number of allowed devices; the second is the pay for usage license which means that either ITarian or a distributor like us will bill you at the end of the month for the months usage.

Both license models can be used at the same time; so if you business has static 200 devices you can flex up and back down again without being blocked etc.

Advanced Endpoint Protection
This is the alternative name for Comodo Client Security which is the antivirus product linked to ITarian by it’s sister/partner company Comodo.
These licenses are covered / named Endpoint Manager + Valkyrie within license manager. These license are purchased up front for a set number of devices and term from Comodo or a distributor like us.

I hope this helps people a bit on the explanations to what they have subscriptions for.


Thank you for the explanation, but I still find it very confusing. It should be simpler in my opinion.

Hi @datalink

I do agree it should be easier for sure.