Licence renewals

I received the email below and wondered what the implications might be for users with CCS (which uses Valkyrie) and the Comodo One connection service etc on their computers. I have found some answers relating to this issue on this forum, but they appear only to deal with the overall management interface, not CCS and Valkyrie. Possibly I missed some, apologies if I have.

The site involved (2 users) was set up by me using the endpoint management software, but I can no longer access the endpoint management interface as the manager of the business concerned about the privacy implications of the software. CCS, Valkyrie, and Endpoint manager licenses were at that time free, to me at least, and so supplied free to the site concerned. (I am a Comodo Forum moderator, so this may have been a concession).

If possible could someone tell me a) what will happen to the user’s machines on the 10th September, and b) what if anything I should/can do about it?

I have emailed Comodo One support and a management email address I happened to have, but not received a response. Possibly there was a response in the management interface, but unfortunately I cannot access this.

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Hi admin,
License Summary

License Endpoint Manager + Valkyrie
Maximum Licenses Unlimited
# of Used Seats 0
License Type Free
Expires 2019/09/10 06:36:16 PM
Set License For Global
Your license will be expired in 15 (fifteen) day(s). You can manage your subscription from <link deleted> Customer# of Seats Allocated for CustomerTotal Number of Devices (CCS)Number of Used SeatsNumber of Unlicensed Devices
Default Customer 0 0 0 0
XXXXX <Deleted Site Name> 0 2 0 2
TOTAL 0 2 0 2

Hi @Mouse1 ,

We appreciate your post and reaching us. You need to reach your product success manager and discuss for the next steps and maybe a good offer with our product. You can also reach our sales team through and request for a call back with any available Product Success Manager as well.

Hi Damon. Thanks very much for your response. Before I contact sales I would be very grateful please if you could answer my specific questions, as those answers will help me to understand exactly what the implications will be of this expiry. Elsewhere on this forum Itarian staff have seemed to say at least the management interface will renew automatically…

Hi @Mouse1 ,

I understand and Yes, you are correct Endpoint Manager will renew automatically since it’s free but Advance Endpoint Protection is not that’s why you need to reach and speak to one of our Product success Manager. You may want to check this post from @StrobeTech as one of the best reference explaining about what is free and what is not, here it is:

Thanks that’s very helpful. I have not received a separate reminder about CCS, so I the CCS licences may be free auto-renewing licences, but I will check. (I have done quite a lot of work testing CCS and EM’s predecessor, ESM, and run a bug tracker for the forum which covers CCS/ESM/One). Just one clarification which is not dealt with in the post to which you refer - what is the licensing situation regarding Valkyrie (when used by CCS)? And what are the implications of non-renewal?

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Hi @Mouse1 ,

After 30 days of CCS (AEP) Trial. Security Protection will be halted and may end up revoking an access to your Portal.

Thanks very much, yes I understand that is the general position. I will contact sales about my specific position.

Just to check:

  • Do you get a separate notification for CCS expiries, or is the EM notification I received (see Ist post above) supposed to serve as a CCS expiry notification?
  • What is the licensing situation regarding Valkyrie (when used by CCS)? And what are the implications of non-renewal of Valkyrie? (Not covered by the post you referred me to).

Kind regards


Hi @Mouse1 ,

Here is my answer:

  • Do you get a separate notification for CCS expiries, or is the EM notification I received (see Ist post above) supposed to serve as a CCS expiry notification?
Answer: No, but there is an going feature request "Expiration Information to be included in AEP"
  2. What is the licensing situation regarding Valkyrie (when used by CCS)? And what are the implications of non-renewal of Valkyrie? (Not covered by the post you referred me to.

    Answer: Valkyrie will be halted as well. The manual analysis by human expert will automatically ended.

Thanks very much, that’s very clear. Just one final query:

  • On license expiry will CCS;
    a) switch off all security protection entirely and immediately, OR b) switch off AV database and CCS program updates, leading to a progressive decline in protection?

I ask because b) is the most usual implication of expiry in the home security software world, as it gives some time for people to get things sorted out.

Kind regards


Hi @Mouse1 ,

Comodo has the right to switch off all security protection entirely and immediately that would result to switching off AV database and CCS program updates based on EULA after 30 days of trial. However you might still enjoy the protection after the 30 days trial if you will be able to speak to one of our product success manager to extend the trial period as one of a good offer for you.

I fully understand you must reserve the right to switch off all protection.

So I will of course contact sales and thereby get in contact with the appropriate product success manager.

Thanks very much for your help and the suggestion about the possibility of extending the trial period.

Kind regards



Hi @nct and @Damon for adding me to this forum post.

As you have seen above the license will be stopped and Comodo / Itarian have the right to stop all services.

The free endpoint manager license should automatically renew with no issues, but the additional CCS/AEP license which includes Valkyrie needs to be purchased or renewed.

If you would like help with this, please let us know as we are a Comodo reseller for UK, US and EU with a great knowledge of the products instead of being your standard box shifters.

Please send us a PM and we will do our best to advise and supply as necessary.


Hi There,

Just to jump into this Free debate!

It is a bit confusing regarding CCS from what is displayed in the Itarian Portal under Licenses.

In my setup I have 18 paid for CCS which I have deployed to one customer and 15 I have which I thought was ‘a’ free version running on another customer an my own machines!

If you look at a screen shot from my license panel you will see why I thought CCS was free under my free license section (I assumed it was just a cut down version)

Question is, have I actually been using paid for CCS on that other customer and myself !!??
And! I presume in 166 days when the RMM licence renews I will lose the Valkyre part ???


Hello @bekat ,

You will need to extend your premium licesnse in order to manage security because in 166 days: there will be only 1 active license and it will only cover 19 sits only. but you`ll have 34 endpoints in total.
For more information regarding this, please reach out to Itarian support directly via and they will make sure to answer any query regarding the itarian platform.


Thanks Jay,

There is not a FREE CCS, this is a badly described license name that has never been updated.

The FREE license is for the RMM and trials of CCS which you are allowed to give 30 days to clients.

Hi Robin, It all falls into place now !!

Slightly off topic, but what do you think of CCS? as good as it’s rivals or better?

Hi @bekat , we only use products we are happy with and test first.
In the case of CCS we love it!
So much so we not only use it, but also distribute it to msps in UK, US and EU.

@bekat CCS is a great product along with stacking with Comodo other security products such as secure DNS, secure email gateway, and Cwatch EDR, Robin and her team can set you up with a full stack of CyberSecurity solution to protect your team and clients.