Is there a simple way to select an endpoint and view which licence it is covered by?

Example… I have 30 licences with varying numbers of endpoints. At present if I wish to know which licence covers a particular endpoint, I have to select each licence in turn and examine every customer in the platform to see if it’s allocated to that endpoint… a laboreous task.

Is it possible to select an endpoint and somewhere see the coresponding licence number?

Any update on my question pls??

I should also say that each licence covers multiple different customers hence the added difficulty tracking down which customer is covered by which licence.So the ability to narrow the search down to which licence contains a given endpoint would help greatly.

Hello @Ed_Johnson ,

Thank you for your suggestion. Currently there is no way to see the associated license key on an endpoint details except License Management -> {License} -> Customers tab. We have added this as a new feature on our roadmap and will inform from here about a possible ETA of delivery.

Best regards,

OK… thank you for the reply