Looking for a little transparency here on billing…

Firstly… ALL of our endpoints have paid for annual licences and use CCS/AEP costing us thousands per year. We add new endpoints sometimes daily. Recently we had a situation where the brief period between us adding endpoints and purchasing licences (less than 24hours) resulted in an automatic additional bill being created for overuse/unlicensed devices for that month. A small amount and we paid it (this time) but it’s something I’d prefer to avoid in future.

Could we please have some clarification on how to avoid this going forward? Is there a set day per month when any unlicensed devices are calculated? were we just unlucky to hit that day? or are we now required to purchase and activate licences prior to adding the endpoints? We are unwilling/unable to purchase licenses in advance as we dont know from day to day how many endpoints we will add.

I prefer not to get the ‘We’ve referred you to your representative’ canned response and just need actual clarification here on the forum if possible please.

Edit: In addition… the overuse licence we paid for never materialised into our inbox. It was shown on screen at the time of payment but no email arrived confirming it, which is our preferred option as we have a record and can copy the licence into the Itartian platform, an oversight on your new billing procedure maybe?

Hi @Ed_Johnson

Sorry to hear about these issues. It does seem a little odd that a bill was generated like this over such a small time.
Could I ask you to DM me with your tenant admin email so I can get the team to look at why or what happened here so I can try and answer the question and determine if we have a software issue we need to resolve.