License Expiry

What happend to “always and forever free” ?

@datatainment ,

The license notification you received is for the EM Portal which should automatically renew with no issues. You can review our previous discussion here.

It is “Always and forever free”!

Itarian license for Endpoint Manager and the rest of the tools are free yes, and should automatically renew.

Additional licenses for Comodo products like AV, Dome Shield are paid for products.

I really don’t get what your system wants from me. sorry.

I got an Email about unlicensed devices.

Okay. somewhere was something written about 0,8USD per Device. Okay.
Going to the Portal into Licence Management -> Bill Forecast I get that.

So what am I supposed to do now?

hi @datatainment it looks like you have security deployed on your devices which is and always was a paid license. I will PM you to work out the details :slight_smile:

@datatainment ,

We apologize for the confusion in regards to the general message we’ve sent to all. Please do send us an email at or contact 1 888-551-1531 so we can review your current license to ensure that your portal displays the correct info. Thanks @ItarianJoe for the follow-up

Hi @datatainment , as quoted from a post I place here awhile ago security products are paid products and need license codes direct from Comodo by sales or @ItarianJoe, or you can go to distributors like us to gain these.

Things have changed on the RMM front and this is now a paid or cost neutral if you have AV licenses.

I hope this helps.

I was able to assist @datatainment :slight_smile:

Excellent news @ItarianJoe

Yeah, ItarianJoe did a great job, thanks!

Nevertheless this licensing thing isn’t well thought thtough. because now my free license is extended about another year.

Once all free licenses are turned off this month it will be removed.

This is just a timing issue as they are trying to get all portals to expire at the same time (all different due to sign up dates)