License manager with new paid model

Now with the model change I have a few questions regarding the deadline of 1 jan 2020:
-Can you explain me how I can assign the licenses to the different clients?
-On the device in the Client Security client. Where can you see if it’s licensed or not?
-What happens after 1 jan 2020 on devices where CSS is installed and you don’t have assigned a license to?

@ailan ,

We recommend reaching to your PSM (Partner Success Manager, if you’re able to speak to one before during onboarding) so we can provide an accurate response for your account. You can as well send an email to to further assist you with the license assignment questions. A previous thread was opened by one of our Product managers with an eye view of license management, you can view it here.

Hi @Jimmy ,
Thank. I’ve seen the post.

But that was posted before the license change.

It’s not only for my account so I would like to see all the post here on the forum.

My question is more regarding the deadline of 1-jan-2020.
What will happen with devices where CCS is installed and where a license hasn’t been assigned to?
Or with the communication module?
If i’ve licenses to distribute to all my clients, how can I see on the device if a device has a valid license or not?

This is because you all said that all the endpoints have to have a license after 1-jan 2020.

So, there has to be a way to tell on the device/client if it’s licensed or not and when it’s expiring.

Hello @ailan ,

If there is not enough CCS (Advanced Endpoint Protection) seats that you have activated on portal, all of your endpoints will be still secured, but you will not be able to manage them over portal unless you add sufficient AEP license.

You do not need to distribute the AEP licenses into the device itself, it is enough to be added onto the portal.

About communication module, 1 AEP and/or EDR seat covers 1 endpoint, therefore if you have 1 available AEP seat, you will be able to use all RMM capabilities for free. If you have additional enrolled devices which your AEP or EDR license(s) does not cover, then ITarian will charge you for RMM usages of those endpoints.

In order to continue using RMM functionalities without security, you need to subscribe to “Endpoint Manager Standard Edition” via
Management -> Applications -> Endpoint Manager

1- Navigate to Management -> Applications
2- Choose Endpoint Manager and click to “Add New Subscription” button.
3- Enter your ITarian Account Management credentials
4- on 3rd step, choose “Endpoint Manager Standard Edition”
5- Obtain the license without paying anything.

You will be charged at the end of billing period (1 month after obtaining the license) for device usage where your AEP or EDR licenses does not cover.

If you need more assistance, I would be more than happy to help you.

Best Regards,

Ilgaz Yucecengiz
Technical Product Manager
Endpoint Manager

Hi ilgazy,

Ok. Clear.


Hi @ilgazy ,

I still have one question:
I just tried to allocate the licenses.

I only can allocate a number of AEP licenses to a customer or global to the whole portal.
But I have a mixed environment containing computers and servers.
On the servers I don’t have the endpoint protection installed and I also don’t want it installed on servers.
But I do want to allocate one license to that device so I can use RMM.

How can I do that without buying additional licenses. I already bought the AEP license for that server.
I have not more than 10 servers so is it then possible to grant us/me the 10 free endpoint licenses for that purpose?


Hi @ailan ,

It does not matter whether you allocate license to any device or not. Currently it is not possible to allocate licenses over devices itself.

If you have 10 more AEP seats than your enrolled devices with CCS, then you will be able to use RMM functionalities on those 10 servers you have for free, since the system will compare your AEP and/or EDR license seats with your active devices

If you have an AEP license with 100 seats, and you have 90 devices with CCS installed, then that license will cover another 10 devices without CCS installed.

Hope this case helps.

Best Regards,

Ok. Thanks.

Isn’t it possible to create a subforum especially for license questions on the forum (and maybe move all these questions to it)?
Now it is very difficult to search for all the license matters.

good idea!

Hello @ailan,
I have created a subpage for license management. We will try to collect all related topics on there.

Best Regards,

Hi @Elif Ayhan Kurt ,
Isn’t it possible to create it under ‘Products’ instead of a subforum under ‘Endpoint Manager’ because its a module on its own and covering all other modules.
Now it’s not a very likely place to search for when looking for posts about licenses.

sure @ailan i moved it to the "General Announcement ".


Great Elif,
That’s better.

Good idea:)

-Can you explain me how I can assign the licenses to the different clients?


You can use these guides for assigning licenses to different customers

Nice to have a dedicated group for licenses now, helps reduce repeat questions etc.

Buying a CCS lice for devices instead of an RMM license even if you don’t want CCS is actually more financially beneficial for you. Lots of MSPs we sell to do this so they have the choice later.


  • From Setup, enter Users in the Quick Find box, then select Users.
  • Click Assign Licenses from the Managed Packages list.
  • Select the package you want to assign to the user. ...
  • Click Add.

Do the following: -

  • Purchase your license from Comodo direct or via a distributor like Strobe Technologies Ltd T/a Strobe IT
  • Activate the license as per the provided instructions
  • Login to ITarian and open License Management from Endpoint Manager
  • Click Add License and enter the activated license key
Now the license in inside License Management you have two ways of working.
  • Use the license globally
  • Assign the license to a customer

Use License Globally

  • Inside License Management click on the drop down arrow next to the license.
  • This will now display your clients, update the Allocate Seats box to match the allocation you want per client and click Apply to save changes

Assign to a Client
Inside License Management click on the license key to open more details about the license
From the License Summary tab click on Edit
Change the Allocation type drop down to Customer
In Customer select the correct customer
Click on Save to update the license

I hope this helps.
But as @braen has stated you can also assign licenses to users / groups but the methods above are extremely easy to manage.