LInk in the notification from ITSM in the C1 Portal

Not sure if this is by design, but they take you to itsm outside of the c1 portal.
And when you try to login it tells you to do it via the c1 portal…
Once you have opened ITSM from the portal to login, the links work but still take out out of the portal to the direct itsm link.

Hi @rockowwc
May we ask from where is the notification coming from? What is the nature of the notification? Are the recipients of the notification non-account admin staff/users?

The system prevents a C1 account admin to log in to the ITSM URL as it is designed to be used in the C1 portal. Other C1 staff may login to the C1 portal if they have the right permissions. On the other hand, ITSM users are to log in only through the ITSM URL (given they have the right set of permissions).

Hi @rockowwc ,

The ‘Notifications’ tab shows application related updates. Each row contains links to the licensed application’s interface where the update information is available. For example, if you install the CCS agent on a client’s computer, you will be notified when installation is complete. When you click the subject link, you will be taken to the device properties interface with the ‘MSI Installation State’ tab open.

Please see this helpguide for your reference:

@Jordan_C i am aware of where i takes you, it takes out out of the c1 portal though and if you havent logged into itms yet, it wont let you as it says you need to use the c1 portal

Hi @rockowwc ,

We need to further investigate this issue. We will create a ticket and Support team will get in touch with you shortly via email.