Link to STORE missing in the top navbar of my ComodoOne portal account.

I do not have the ‘Store’ link/section on the top main navigation links between Mangement and Tools on my ComodoOne portal. My ComodoOne portal uses the url: as opposed to …Please help.

Hi @RSnumssp
May we ask on which browser did you view your C1 portal at ‘’? Have you tried a different browser to access your C1 portal?

yes Chrome, Firefox, and IE.

When I’m in the ‘account admin’ account, I do see store but all it has is Comodo CRM and Dome AntiSpam MSP… I’m not able to clone the account admin role, but when I clone the admin role - everything is checked off… . Under licensed applications my only options are Service Desk and IT and Security Manager to check- which they are… see attached photo…

Hello @RSnumssp, environment is not yet configured for other modules except from ITSM SD and CRM. Our development team have addressed this feature already and is planned to be implemented this 2018-Q2.

We will also send you an email shortly to keep you posted. Thank you for your patience.