Linking Wordpress to Service Desk for single sign on's.

Is it possible for a single signon to work? We are looking for our clients to have access to everything in one place. I’m happy to edit php files and put in api’s and code to allow single sign on for them to check and raise their tickets.

@monster-it ,

We thank you for sharing your inputs. we have forwarded your suggestion to our Product Development team for analysis. We’ll gladly provide you an update via support email concerning this request.

Hello @monster-it
Please feel free to check Comodo ONE’s API Library page.

@Jimmy @Rick_C Is there a plugin or module for the services to link to whmcs?

as to the API it does not allow a user to login and check their tickets. We want to be able to link the two and I’m sure alot of other members would feel the same way.

As far as I know, there is none yet. However, we can send your above-mentioned ideas as additional improvements to our Product Developers for analysis.

Is there hooks/API for authentication to the service desk? we can use that for the hooks.

Hello @monster-it , we have coordinated the query to our Development team and we`ll get back to you the soonest.