Links On Portal Open In New Tab - Or Not?

Hi All,

Just wondering if anybody else is experiencing the same as myself. I have two accounts, one for testing ( set-up in the early days of Comodo ONE ) and one for ‘real world’ use ( set up last month ).

On the older account, after logging in when ever I click on any of the links in the Applications drop down menu, it opens in the same browser tab, but in the newer account it always opens in a new browser tab ??

This occurs on several different machines and have tried three different browsers: - Edge, Comodo Ice Dragon & Comodo Dragon and it always happens :eek:

It is not a major problem, just more of an annoyance …

Hi Bob,

You can set it to open each link in a seperate tab or the current tab.

Click you name in the top right, click settings and then select the required options in Comodo One application launch



Hi Dave,

Well, knock me down with a feather, never been in and explored / changed any of those settings…

Both work the same now.

Thanks for the advice / help.