Linux & MacOS Endpoints Management & Compliance

Is their a way/road map to develop macOS(more common)/Linux endpoints management support equivalent to windows endpoints?

By that i mean:
Update/Patch management
Run procedures
Control peripheral devices (portable storage etc)
Control firewall/filevault/gatekeeper/keychain etc

Of course, supporting execution of procedures will allow us to control/implement most of the above requests, but it would be really nice to manage these control directly as part of a profile.

To of the community, just to gain some perspective - how many of you will it assist? how many of your managed endpoints are not Windows currently/in the near future?


@grsee ,

Patch Management for Linux is already on the roadmap for development. As for the other functionalities, we will consult our Product Developers for any development aligned on our Product Pipeline. We’ll make sure to notify you of via email corning those functionalities.

It’s been over a year, and still no progress on Linux basics for support…?
Where is scripting at a minimum?
Remote management would also be a high priority. We manage a lot of Linux endpoints, and a new product line of ours is all based on Linux which would exponentially increase the number of endpoints needed to be managed/monitored.
Can you all provide updates here on the road map and timelines for such requests.

@copperstate ,

We understand more and more MSPs are getting Linux onboarded and we definitely want to have our current platform capable for additional features under the Linux. We will add you on the loop and update you once our Developers provided an update as soon as possible.

Eagerly awaiting improved MacOS support. Am currently using other solutions to make up for the lack. Hopefully there will be updates soon.

Hello @uandit,

Thank you for notifying us. Kindly reach out directly to ITarian Support via Please request that they add you to the loop regarding the Patch Management and Support Procedures for Mac OS endpoints.

Once added they will inform you once our Developers have provided an update.

Thank you.