Linux monitoring and alerts

Does Itarian RMM support Lunis OS mainly Ubuntu 20 and deb 9/10? We would like to be able to monitor storage devices and other performance metrics on our Linux laptops and servers.


I have it installed on my Ubuntu systems. Other than showing the endpoint though in the RMM portal, there is not much you can do as far as monitoring or automation goes. There are no remote access tools available either. Seems extremely lacking as far as linux goes. The ability to connect to the shell would be nice or basic online/offline monitor would also be helpful.

I changed my laptop to Manjaro linux with which I want to connect to the workstation, which has windows 10 running.
Now I read, there is no way to use a linux system to remote control the windows device… Is this correct?
Am on Manjaro (finally again back to linux) an Arch Devirate.
Please help with helpful hints. Am also searching more.
Maybe there are other way to remotely connect over itarian, like with other Remote connectors?


I found to enroll the device I want to remote with into the windows client. But its a .run script. I would need the deb package to create some fileI can use for making an appimage or something…
Please, how can I only get a .deb package?

Hi @elevenelks,

Our backend has created a support ticket to your registered forum email address and we will reach out for further information required.

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Okay, thanks… In the end I installed a windows in the virtual box and work from there. But lets see. I wonder why you do this with a hidden ticket? Shall nobody read the solution we might find in an open forum like this?