List out all pst files with locations from all Devices.

Hi all,

I have requirement that I need to gather and backup all the pst files in all devices connected to C1. Is there any way to have the list of pst files with names and locations of it in from all devices?


@itguy_comodo ,

As of the moment, we have an existing script to list the pst . However, we’ll Script Developers modify this for your need. We’ll provide their feedback as soon as possible.

Hello @itguy_comodo

Yes, it is possible. But getting the report for all the devices as one is not possible.

Possibilities are:

  • The script can collect the details, write in a file and send a report to your mail as each report for each device. The parameter to be entered form your side is: SENDER & RECIPIENT address.
  • The script will collect the details, write in a file and store in a path (within the device)
Waiting for your response.

Thank you.