List Tickets and Authentication API Help

Has anyone gotten the API to work? I’m trying to get a list of tickets, but I can’t even get past authentication.

The documentation states that you need to get an access code from by passing a user/pass to, but when I do I get “Full authentication is required to access this resource”. I even tried with the API key I generated from the web interface in the header and no luck. I’m working in postman for testing before adding this to our mobile app.

Digging around on the forms show posts from 2020 and older and it appears that they changed the auth style for requests since then and the documentation is very brief.

Hi @Monster_MSP

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Things to look at are the version of authentication as you say might have changed; but also the version of Service Desk. All old documentation would have been based on Service Desk and there is now a new version that is being finished off called Service Desk v2 (new name pending).

Obviously as Service Desk is old I would suggest not using this and developing straight for Service Desk v2 to reduce your future required development.

On the matter of the authentication and API documentation have you raised a support case on for the documentation?