Local WIndows services fail to auto-start

I am trying to convince my upper management that our company would have a better security policy if we were to use a common Internet security system. I have been using Comodo ITSM for 20 installed devices (all Windows PCs.) I have been experiencing several times that the locally installed Windows services fail to start up automatically, on several different devices. This is defeating the purpose of a centrally managed security system. I followed the recommended “Delete Device” and then re-enroll the removed device. However, this does not seem to be a long term fix. I have noticed that when the device is not communicating, only the ITSM portal will un-list the device. The locally installed software on the problematic device will not be removed. I have to manually uninstall the Comodo / ITarian Client Communication and Security software BEFORE I re-enroll the device. I was fortunately lucky as most of my 20 PCs are in the same office I work out from. However, our next possible roll-out of the ITSM software will be with end-points in several USA states and several Latin American countries.

How can I make sure that the Comodo / ITarian Client Communications / Security software services always constantly auto-start all the time?

@yleclerc ,

We have created a support ticket in assisting further with your report. We will be needing some details from the endpoint depicting the issue. Please reply with the needed information that we will use for investigation. Please check your mailbox at your convenience. Thank you