Localization again

Please! Let us help with localization:

  1. SD Module
  2. ITSM windows-agent
  3. SD customer portal

Can ITSM-agent check assigned user and set aproriate language?

Hello @Sergey ,

C1 localization is on our roadmap and we will keep you updated on the progress.

C1 reports - when customer’s name in Russian - it shows like ???

Hello @Sergey,

I have reported this issue to the appropriate staff and we will reach back to you as soon as possible.

Looking at this…

Please, shoot stuff who made localization… it extremely bad :frowning:
Whole customer portal

And one more thing - in Russia nobody use the “Ticket”-term and don’t know about it.

As my english makes you laugh - your russian translatings is same :slight_smile:

I just checked with our HR department and Legal counsel. They advised me against shooting our staff :slight_smile: sorry :slight_smile:

OK, maybe they right… So please send me language files, I’ll translate needed modules myself and let them live :slight_smile: