Login problem with Comodo One Remote Control window...

I have a new account and I have been having a problem trying to actually login into Comodo One Remote Control. I have logged in multiple times to the main portal today using different browsers, so I know my pw is correct, but I’m not able to log in to the actualy RC software that runs in the system tray.

There is a Comodo One option and an ITSM Portal option. Which one should I use? Neither works.

Assume my domain is abc1. I have tried logging in using abc1-msp as the domain name, but it won’t work in conjuction with my email and pw.
I’m using Windows 10 Home Premium ; 64 bit.

Comodo One: “There is no user with this domain\login in the system. Please try again.”
ITSM Portal: “Domain is incorrect”

Any ideas? I can’t believe this process is so difficult.



Hello @Dave_Klemmer,

When you log in on Comodo Remote Control, there’s an option to choose for a location, if it is in Europe or USA.

To find out which one you would choose, if you are logging in on C1 portal using this link (https://one.comodo.com/app/login), kindly choose ‘Europe’, and for C1 USA instance the link is (https://one-us.comodo.com/app/login).

If you are still getting an error, please let us know and we will investigate the issue.

Thank you for your patience.