login to portal not working

is anyone having problem logging into the portal @ https://one-us.comodo.com/

@howej ,

Apologies. A little network hiccup from our end. All services should be working now

still not up. I login and get an error “something went wrong” Yeah something went wrong all right…

@howie ,

Apologies. our Development team confirmed intermittent access issues with the portal log-ins. They are now being resolved with utmost urgency

Thanks. I just got off the phone with my new sales rep and he pointed out the status page. I was not aware of that. Ill keep an eye on that for the day and try later.


Confirm the problem from Europe


all up and working now.

still not up

Hi @kamila25,

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Can you please explain your issue with more details. We would be happy to help you.

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