Looking for a USA MSP to affiliatiate

We in the process of oppening a MSP offering in the caribbean. We are looking for a USA MSP that we can affiliate with to obtain 2nd tier support. If interested in discussion this posibility please send me an email @ jsantos@ataraxiatek.com

What do you mean 2nd tier support? I am assuming you are looking for remote workers only since the geographical hurdles are pretty large as I almost took a job for a major resort corp as IT Director for all the Caribbean destinations but it was a lot of boat rides and plane hopping between resorts for onsite work. Might be better off targeting techs from island you wish to serve before getting another MSP on board, imho.

I’m new to the business. I’m looking for a partner that could support us in case we need to escalate mayor technical issues.

Understandable, please PM me for further discussion on this.