Looking for General Best Practices Resources

Hi Everyone,

We are deploying Comodo AEP/Itarian RMM platform over the next few weeks after trial testing and I am doing some research and preparing as much as I can for the on-boarding process. I have found the videos below extremely helpful and had a few questions for the forum.

  1. Will future webinars be held? I only found the two listed below and a signup link I found in the forum has expired.
  2. I noticed that certain email templates can be modified. Is it possible to modify the email template for monitor notification? If not, can this be entered as a feature request?

Hello @Medtronsoftware,

Thank you for notifying us, We have informed our ITarian Support regarding on your queries. Follow-up email should be coming from support@itarian.com.

Hi Everyone - Testing this product on my home computers - Shared Space Folder on Desktop - I want to use this as it could be a very nice feature for shared folder access at SMB companies - However it’s not working they way it should be - Meaning I put folders in there and the other computers don’t see the content - What am I missing?

Hello @gabatech, please reach out to ITarian Support regarding on your query in order to address it as soon as possible.

ITarian Support email: support@itarian.com
Contact #: +1-877-422-3865

Thank you.