Looks like the "new" status icons dont work... Windows Updates and CCS updates

so I have 2 servers on the same site one is blue one is green.

based on the above only one should be remotable to? however I can connect on to both??

There seems to either be a lag for updates and CCS updates or they are not working?

how long after the CCS update has been pushed should it show as “pending” in the MSI Tab?

Also when updates are “installed” from the patch tab how long till they start and where can we see a process??


Hi @dittoit
We’ll get back to you with answers to your inquiries above.

Ok, so now the correct info “build number” is showing under MSI tab BUT the date is wrong…

COMODO Client - Security v.

MSI successfully installed

2017/08/02 06:55:22 PM < THIS SHOULD BE 10/11/2017(UK) or 2017/11/10 as it is.

Hello @dittoit,

Good day! We will communicate with you shortly via email for the process in resolving this case.
Thank you.