Lost mode for iOS devices??

I’ve been preparing to deploy some iOS devices in ITSM, testing functionality etc. I can’t find any way to enable “lost mode”. Is this feature not available in ITSM? I know it’s possible to do a corporate of full wipe, or cause the screen to lock, but this is not the same thing. Lost mode can display a screen message (e.g. with contact info etc) or play sounds. This feature seems to be available with most other MDM platforms. I just want to clarify if it’s available and I can’t find it.

A couple of other related points:

I don’t understand the difference between “Corporate Wipe” and simply deleting an iOS device from ITSM with Delete Device icon. Both seem to do the same thing: delete the device from ITSM, and remove the profile from the device.

The “Reset Screen Passcode” command is something that should be used with great care. “Reset” is an ambiguous term. The command removes the passcode, rendering the device unlocked for anyone. It should only be used remotely if the device is confirmed to be in possession of a trusted user, who may have forgotten the passcode. But clicking the command applies it immediately, without any warning dialog box explaining what will happen. This should be fixed. I’m glad I spend the time to test these things before deploying.


@Kees ,

As of the moment, these are the current profile settings that you can apply to iOS devices. We do not have this feature as of the moment., The Delete Device option removes the Device from enrollment on the ITSM Portal (this option applies as well for other enrolled devices and not only for iOS. We will consult our Developers to give us an insight about the Corporate Wipe option as to why the feature got enlisted on the ITSM Portal. We have tried replicating your scenario on the “Reset Screen Passcode” and have confirmed the same results. We are coordinating with our Development Team regarding the naming convention used for this function and as well seeks statement on how this can be corrected.

@Kees ,

We have sent a follow up on your email. Please check at your convenience