Losted backups

Acronis lost all backups stored locally at PCs.

Is it possible - reinstall Acronis backup modules and point him at early stored local backup files?

Hello @Sergey ,

Here are the several ways to Recover your Files:

  • Recovering files by using the web interface
  • Downloading files from the cloud storage
  • Recovering files by using bootable media
  • Extracting files from local backups

Please refer to this link for more information and guidelines on how to Recover your files: http://www.acronis.com/en-us/support/documentation/Acronis_Backup_Cloud/index.html#33514.html

Please let us know if this will help or if you need further assistance.


After 14 days of unpaid bill, Acronis account is removed with all the data stored on there and unfortunately it is not recoverable.

Sorry for this.


No. Acronis remove all cloud backups. But ALL locally saved backups still available.

Hello @Sergey ,

Can you clarify if you still have access to your local saved backups?

Thank you.