Mac OS Compatibility issues

I am currently evaluating the ITarian platform but have been having a number of problems related to their Mac compatibility in my initial testing. Below are some of the thing I have seen as issues:

  • After enrolling a Mac, still cannot use the Install or Update Packages option.
    • This remains greyed out until the Comodo AV option is manually installed.
  • Remote Control inconsistencies
    • On one system, the remote control agent worked fine after the initial install/enrollment. However, other attempts have had issues. After installing the client and the device is enrolled, I can’t connect using the remote agent. The device shows up in the Online list, but there is no button to hit connect for that device. After installing the AV agent, the button appears, but the device no longer registers as online.
  • Hardware Reporting
    • There is no hardware information listed on the device summary page (CPU, RAM, etc). This information is listed for PCs, but not Macs. This info is also not available on reports or data exports and is somewhat vital for inventory management.
  • AV Performance hit
    • I’ve installed the A/V client on a number of devices and they all appear to be having log on issues now. Before the client was installed, I would get to the log on normally and could log on successfully. On my test boxes, some are taking 2-5 minutes to actually log on and others are complete freezing. Note that these are older Macbook Airs, but they previously logged on normally (base OS reloads with updates). This has happened on High Sierra and Mojave.
We have a fairly large Mac user base and this was one of the primary things that lead me to ITarian, but these issues are concerning. How have other community members experience been with Macs?

Thanks for any input.

Hi @MetED ,

Good day!
Please send us a ticket via for all of your technical concerns about the portal.
We’ll have our developers take a look at all of your concerns so we can provide an accurate answer for each one.

Thank you.