Mac RAM monitor

I wanted to test Itarian and as my clients are mostly Mac users I thought I would try something simple - a monitor to alert if RAM usage goes over 90% for more than 30 minutes seemed reasonable. Unfortunately, that just bombarded me with alerts, just from my own test mac. I tried other variations but even 100% usage for a whole hour still triggered many notifications on a mac I use every day and which is not challenged. Should I assume Itarian does not understand how Mac RAM usage works and will always give false positives?

Further, does anyone have any Mac monitor configurations they have found useful? I’d like to know if time spent with Itarian is likely to bear fruit for me.


@zer0aster I use another RMM for the few Macs I manage until there are improvements with ITarian. I think the best thing they could do instead of slowly reinventing the wheel would be integrate / partner with an already established Mac-based RMM company.

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