Mac Support for Remote Control

To use Remote Control into a Mac you have to enable Screenrecording (On the Mac you want to remote control) for Endpoint Manager Client in Security and Privacy options under System Preferences.

So after installing the Enpoint Manager you have to Initiate a remote control session first and the Endpoint Manager Client will show up in Screenrecording sections.

Normaly it should ask to open Security and Privaty settings to get there once you initiate a remote control session. Don’t forget to do this otherwise you can’t remote control it OOB.

Also check Accessibility and Full disk access if you need File Transfer

Is still there no way to install the agent on the Mac and gain control of it without having to ask the end user (frequently by phone) to do those steps in the Security and Privacy? Can installing with MDM help?

We have the Itarian agent on Macs and connect automatically without user intervention.

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I meant that only during the first installation of the agent should I ask the user to enable it in the Security and Privacy area. Once done, I can also take control without user intervention.
But sometimes it’s difficult to explain to the user how to do it (most of the time over the phone) or I have to do it myself by asking the user to install Anydesk to allow me to connect, so I’m looking for a way to install the agent without user intervention even though I suspect Mac security won’t allow it. Perhaps via MDM or Apple scripts?

Hi @datalink

The macOS agent should install in normal mode or hybrid MDM mode with no user input other than running the installer just like you do for Windows.

If this is not the case, then we 100% need to get this reported to so we can verify and make sure what is going on and if verified passed to dev / engineering to resolve.