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I need some clarification.

After adding my device, a windows 2012 R2 server, to my ITSM (agent is installed). I see the updates have populated in Patch Management but I don’t see anything in Software Inventory. Is there something I need to do to have it populate? Also are the event logs supposed to appear under Logs or is that for something else? And will you be adding a Services option to the ITSM? So for instance in Labtech I see all the servers on any computer and have the ability to start/stop/restart services as well as changes them from automatic/manual/disabled all from the console.

@smoothrunnings ,

The software inventory tab should populate an info of the list of installed software. What profile are you using for the server? You can use the logs section to monitor various logs from managed devices on ITSM . As for the Services option to appear on ITSM, where do you desire to see this option appearing? We have some options to start/ stop/ a service by utilizing a custom script procedures

Something I usually do, is open the software inventory tab, and click on update the inventory. Then I know that it is trying to get the info.

When the ITSM is online again I will tell you, but I think it’s the optimum windows profile.

Hi @smoothrunnings

We have service inventory in our 2018Q2 roadmap. We are planning to implement under the ITSM->device section to show list of all services that will be gathered from the device and allow admin to have full control (start/stop/restart service, set startup type as auto/manual/disabled just as in the Windows Service Manager.