Mail send out with the e-mail login information and not the e-mail adress

I am sending our Emails through O365 SMTP.

The login user is and the email adress is

But when I receive the emails they are coming from the login ID and not the e-mail.

The login user have access to send from the servicedesk shared mail group.

I have tried both with header spoofing and without, but the emails always comes from send@…

Hi @Noiden ,

Thank you for reporting this case, we will further investigate this issue and we will get back to you as soon as possible through email.

Hi @Noiden

With Office 365 you cannot use the FREE “Shared Mailboxes” to send out with via SMTP. This is not a limitation of C1 but of Office 365 which being honest will not change as it makes MS some nice money.

With devices / systems like C1 you need to have an actual “user” account on a subscription like Business Essentials, once you have this account you can log in via SMTP which sends emails using the accounts Reply Address only. Due to SMTP not having the functions and features like Outlook Anywhere (originally called Outlook over RPC), security rights to read and assign the Send As features are not possible, hence the issue you are experiencing.

I hope this helps you get the issue resolved.

I’m so glad to see your using Office 365 with authentication as it should be.

Hi @StrobeTech

Hmm. But I have that send account as a permitted send as on the “Service Desk Shared Mailbox” and I have other “Shared Mailboxes” where I can use the “Send As function” with the Send account. Look here.

I sent from servicedesk@… and used the send@… account as $msolcred.

And when I got the mail in my inbox it was from servicedesk@…

PS. Thanks :smiley:

2017-11-07 10_22_40-Inbox - Outlook.png

Hi @Noiden

try that with standard SMTP functions / commands via TELNET (Use PuTTY for example).

SMTP command you want are
(each line is a command, then press enter.
Also, change the italic text to match you info): -

EHLO pre…
MAIL FROM: servicedesk@pre…
subject: test subject
this is the message

The two bits after “AUTH LOGIN” is your username and password in BASE64 encoding.
This is basically what if memory serves ServiceDesk does to send the email, so if the from part is ignored using this then it will be ignored by ServiceDesk too.

Personally as the send as functions outside of Outlook are extremely hard to get printers and other devices to work correct we tell our customers that a simple £4 per month essentials mailbox will solve it.

Didn’t get that to work with Telnet… Only got like ^M when i pressed enter button.

Hmm, I’m running a local SMTP server that also using that send account, and it can push out mail through other mail adresses, I don’t know how it’s doing, it’s a relay function. =)

Yeah, I could use a O365 essential license for this, not that big deal. =)

Thanks for the info.

A shared mailbox does not have a user associated so you cannot authenticate against it.

@dittoit I know… but the account I log in with have “Send As” Permission from that shared mailbox.

We have all tried, but it is a money spinner for MS.

if you wanted to have a machine with access to just a shared mailbox via outlook this is possible (little messy but works)