Make dashboards update without requiring refresh

We would like to put the dashboard on a TV screen so that we can see when a new ticket comes in, or when a new event requiring our attention is logged, without relying on email alerts. At present, you put the dashboard up and it is a snapshot from last refresh. We dont want to refresh the page (especially if we dont have a keyboard attached to the screen) so would like the dashboards to automatically update themselves within the page.

Hello @curatrix_pl

The dashboard actually displays real-time statistics about the operating system, connection status and security posture of all devices enrolled into ITSM.
Can we know how fast you are getting the update?

Thank you.

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Ive never had any of my widgets update in real time, the service desk updates the quickest around 20-30minutes (if i had to guess) the ITSM data updates once every day or two (if at all).

Live widgets would be great.

Hi @Joners ,

ITSM updates every 15 minutes by default (this is minimum)
you can got to ITSM> Settings> Portal Set up> Windows Client Configuration> Edit

The C1 Dashboard might load slowly on occasions of displaying raw data on first login attempts. I always access the C1 portal multiple times in a day, most of the time logging in and out, testing and replicating issues though I hadn’t encountered any continuous delay on loading updated information as compared with my colleagues, that bears same results. We can raise a support ticket for investigation, this might be an account specific issue.

@MTekhna ,

We have forwarded this feature request to animate the widgets to our development team. A notification will be provided to you once this feature pushes through

Sorry I was referring to the data in the ITSM widgets, ie those machines that are active vs inactive or that have patches available. When the ITSM agent is running it does chime in every 15minutes, however you have to hope that the agent doesnt fall over.

I can leave the dashboards open all days with tickets being logged and the ticket information doesn’t update when new tickets are logged.

@curatrix_pl ,

We understand that this feature would be of much significance to your work place. We have created a request to our development team for analysis on this feature and we will contact you for an update.

Another issue with the dashboards appears that the informaton they display when refreshed is not necessarily correct either. Seems to be cached. I had a customer that had an ‘infection’ outbreak this morning. C1 dashboard showed 15 devices infected. Clicking the dashboard allowed me to manage the 15 devices. I cleaned 11 of them and they no longer appear under ITSM as infected, yet, even after 3 hours and numerous refreshes (even open browser fresh) the dashboard shows 15 devices infected. Clicking on the 15, shows the 4 remaining in the filtered list… frustrating!

Hi @curatrix_pl ,

Thank you for letting us know on the other hand we are aware of the situation and we are working very hard to resolve this as quickly as possible.

We will also send you an email for any update.

I do agree that we should have this auto refresh for other modules as well.

We have it on Service Desk dashboards if you want to leverage it right now. You can configure the refresh period per staff on Service Desk - Dashboard - My Profile Menu.