Malwarebytes False Positive - Geek Buddy Malware for C1 Comm Agent

MBAM is reporting on all machines I have come in contact with that parts of C1 Comm Agent are Geek Buddy malware.

Please advise.


We will reach you via e-mail in order to further investigate the issue you are encountering.

Some good analysis and hopefully impartial advice to be found at
I cannot comment on GeekBuddy itself as have not ever dealt with it.

its a False Positive. It is not malware.

GeekBuddy is a PUP that gets bundled with the free Comodo AV. Something in the C1 software is using either a common file or registry entry.

that is the problem with “signature” based legacy antivirus products.
time to move to CPU Enforced OS Virtualization for protection against malware, rather than 1980s technology of signature based AVs :wink: