Malwares at device

Please help how to quickly find info about device infection.

Looking for desired device: ITSM-Device groups-device.
How to look infections here?


In order to find out relevant information regarding the infections on one device from the location you mentioned would be to go to Devices > Devices List > select a device > Antivirus Scan History
Probably a better way to approach this is by going to the Security Sub-Systems > Application Control since here you also have options to manage the files detected by us.

Antivirus scan history - here logs about scans only or here alerts about any detections?

And Application Control → … “Number of devices” field contains 0. Malware file found at 0 devices? :slight_smile:

Uninstaller.exe C:\Program Files (x86)\QGNA\Uninstaller.exe 200.37 KB C5D0A6...709A41 3,8,11,2471 0

Hello @Sergey ,

Antivirus scan history” displays only the threats found on the device by the real-time scanner or an antivirus scan. Regarding that ‘0’, it means that the file has been detected as unrecognized on an endpoint but the user removed the file from CCS > File Rating.