Managing profiles

I’ve just set up a profile I want to add to all clients on my antivirus plan. Is it possible to select them all and add it to all clients at once, or do I have to do one at a time?

You can definitely assign a profile to a group of devices in one go, @Fred. You can opt also to set up a default profile for all of your currently enrolled devices. This default profile will also be applied to any applicable device you plan to add in the future.

Unfortunately applying profiles is still a big issue here.

You can either assign a default profile which will apply to all, or you can assign profiles to groups within a company.

Unfortunately assignments to groups which is great is amazing slow and not well designed as assigning a new profile to 40 customers can take 30 plus minutes

Thanks @Rick_C and Robin. I set the profiles I wanted as default as you suggested Robin, and wow. I figured it would add to any new devices I enroll, but I didn’t realize it would add to the devices already enrolled. That’s cool. now to set up my other profiles.