Manual Scan on one or more Endpoints

How do I kick off a manual scan on an endpoint from ITSM? I had a PC that a user reported a popup, I’m fairly sure it’s not serious but their manager wanted me to run a scan. I can’t seem to find where I’d do that without taking control of their computer with Remote Control. I searched Procedures but didn’t see anything there either.

Hmm can’t delete my post. Found it, just had to go into the Security Subsystem, and all Comodo AV enrolled devices are in there, no worries.

Hi @indieserve
Indeed, you are correct! All enrolled endpoints with the antivirus component installed will be listed in the Device List. The scan types available depend on the OS of the selected device. More information can be found in the following guide: Running Antivirus and/or File Rating Scans on Devices