Map Network Drive (with credentials)

I am trying to automatically map a network share using a procedure. I have attempted to use the script noted seen here (…-path-to-drive ), but it keep saying it runs successfully, but the mapping never happens.

My needs:

  • Verify if the mapped drive is already existing
  • Reconnect at sign-in
  • Needs to connect to a network folder on the server with username/password (if the workstation doesn’t happen to be authenticated to access the file server)
  • Map with a specific Drive Letter
  • Create desktop shortcut for this share.

I want to run this daily to ensure that the map share is always available. I can set this up within the profile, but need to get the script to work as stated above.

Thanks for you help

Hi @rmorton ,

Thank you for reporting this case, we will further investigate this issue and we will get back to you as soon as possible through email.

Hi @rmorton

We analyzed your request to map a network share.

Refer the following link for the script:

The script needs some basic information from the users:
they are,

We developed the script for the machines that need authentication to share its network path so we need username and password.
The user has to provide the specific “Drive letter”, where the script will check automatically for its availability.
We have used the “persistent: yes” command so that the map network won’t be lost even if the user goes offline.
Finally, we have provided a desktop shortcut for the map network share drive.

Run the script as LocalSystem User

Provide us with your valuable feedback.

Thank you.