Map Procedures to Right Click Buttons


It would be nice for an end user to be able to right click on the tray icon and it could say “Repair my Slow PC” and it will run a pre defined procedures without the user having to write in and create a ticket.

Another C1 / ITarian user inquired about the same QOL-related feature / improvement request. We have already submitted the feature request to the product development team for further review. If you would like, @gscoder, we can loop you in to the same feature request ticket so that we can inform you of any important updates about it in the future.

@Rick_C Please keep me updated too. @gscoder Although, instead you could just run a procedure monthly. Have you already tried using the predefined procedure ‘Delete the system temp files, internet temp files and browser cache files for all users’?

As you requested @nct, we looped you in to the feature request ticket to ‘Map an RMM function or script in the EM client’. We will relay to you any important updates about it as soon as they are released by the product development team.

Its more of a perception thing. and its not just “repair my slow computer” but other tasks such as “fix my printer” and it clears the print queue. We have a lot of users that want instant results and this will definitely help with this. Some more examples:

“Connect my Printers” and it will run a script to make all of the network printers
“Fix my Wifi” where it toggles airplane mode and wifi buttons to ensure it is turned on

for examples…