[March] What's New on ITSM and Comodo Client - Security?

Hello everyone!

We would like to inform you that we are going to have new releases over Comodo IT and Security Manager on Saturday (03/03/2018) morning. We also have couple of improvements over ITSM Patch Management and we want to share the details with you! Platform will be on maintenance mode for 4 hours, early Saturday. We expect to have no service outage in general. If you observe any brief connectivity issues, please retry again later during the day.
So, here are the new features and improvements:

IMPORTANT INFO: CCS release will be available on the 7th of March

IT and Security Manager
New Features

  • We have added a new global search bar to the device list, making it a whole lot easier for you to find devices. You can search by device name, OS, company, owner or by any other piece of data in the column headers. You can also search by date using the following formats:
    • yyyy/mm/dd – Search a single date which may be also preceded with >, >=, <, <= operators
    • yyyy/mm/dd - yyyy/mm/dd – Search for a date range.
You can find the wiki for this feature here
  • Added a new icon to the device details screen to show the security status of Comodo Client Security. Using a traditional traffic-light system, the colored indicator can give admins a quick heads-up if a client is in trouble and needs attention.
  • Added the ‘tree’ view to the ‘Antivirus’ section. Similar to the tree hierarchy used in the ‘Device List’, you can now easily filter viruses by company and by device group. You can find the wiki for this feature here
  • Added Comodo Communication - Client update settings on the Configuration Templates->Profiles→Updates section. Now you can schedule the time for updating the Communication Client to more specific times like last Friday of each month! You can find the wiki for this feature here
  • Enhanced audit logging with the ability to track updates to procedures. When a procedure is run on an endpoint, you can now see execution details and go directly to device details via a link in the logs.
    You can find the wiki for this feature <a href="https://wiki.comodo.com/frontend/web/topic/how-to-check-audit-logs-of-staff-actions-on-itsm-portal-admin-actions">here</a>
  • Added the ability to disable the Local Verdict Server (LVS) option on a profile. Doing so means ITSM will disregard admin ratings and will only use Comodo verdicts to determine the trust level of files.
  • Improved color coding in the ‘Schedule’ tab of an antivirus profile to better visualize selected days (Configuration templates > Profiles > Antivirus > Scans > Schedule).
  • For remote control sessions we were asking for allowing a range of IP's on firewall for load balancing, now we have limited the number of required allowed IP's to just three. This will decrease your exposed network surface.
    You can find the new firewall configurations <a href="https://help.comodo.com/topic-399-1-786-11019-Appendix-1a---ITSM-Services---IP-Nos,-Host-Names-and-Port-Details---EU-Customer.html">here</a>
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue whereby incorrect data was sometimes shown on paid ITSM licenses (Settings > Subscription > License Summary).
Comodo Client Security (Will be released on 7th of March )

New Features

  • Added Japanese language support. Japanese customers can now view and manage CCS in their native language. This also expands the potential customer base for MSPs by allowing them to more effectively service clients in the Japanese market.
  • Implemented a more streamlined workflow for quarantined files. Our new ‘Restore as Trusted’ feature allows you to reinstate files to their original location and award them a ‘trusted’ rating with single click. This effectively allows our users to locally whitelist files much faster than before. Go ahead and try it here!
  • Windows Defender Security Center integration. You can now access CCS direct from Windows Defender Security Center on an endpoint. This is in addition to the traditional ways of accessing CCS through the tray icon, desktop shortcut or widget. You can reach wiki of the feature from here
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue with Windows Defender which sometimes prevented CCS from launching.
  • Fixed various internal issues which caused CCS to reduce the performance of some endpoints.
  • Fixed incompatibility issues which caused false configuration logs to be shown in the CCS logs area.

New Client Versions:

  • Client - Communication 6.16.10680.18030 (RC)
  • Windows Client - Security 10.3.0.XXXX (RC) (Will be released on the 7th of March)
  • Windows Remote Control 6.16.10391.18030 (RC)
  • macOS Remote Control 6.16.10390.18030 (RC)
  • Android Comodo Mobile agent (RC)
Best Regards AhmetEnes & Can

After today’s update I am unable to connect to any of the endpoints. It is telling me to install the latest ITSM agent without a link where to download it from. I have looked without success for a link where to download the latest agent to no avail. In the past, it would tell you just to update it with the link to click and download it. Please send us a link since we are not able to help anyone without it.

Hi @pcxperts, please try this help link to assist you in updating ITSM

Hi @Raymond_Co those instructions do not help.

I have an end point running the Comms agent (6.16.10680.18030) and tells me its running the latest version when i go to update it. ITSM is still reporting that the ITSM Agent needs to be updated when attmepting to use CRC. I’ve updated CRC on my machine to the latest version (as it prompted).

Hello @pcxperts and @curatrix_pl

Support team will coordinate with you shortly via the email for further investigation.
Please feel free to reply on the ticket at your convenience.

I have the same problem! Try to connect remotely and I get message saying that ITSM is out of date. When I check the agent, it is showing as latest release… Also in update packages, it will not let me update - probably because it sees latest version installed… I now cannot connect to any endpoints for remote support

I’ve had to revert to using the RMM tool for remote connection. Whilst i love the RMM for its functionality, its remote control function is not as good as CRC. Hope this is sorted ASAP as its causing pains for my customer base where i can’t remote onto their machines where they have to ‘allow’ the connection.

Hello @clover51 and @curatrix_pl ,

Our development team is already working on this reported issue with the CRC. Rest assured that this will be handled accordingly. Thank you and appreciate your understanding with this matter.

I cant use rmm or crc. rmm says itsm needs updddated and crc says device doesnt support remote control :frowning:

Hello @clover51 , our development team is working on fixing the issue. We have created a support ticket for you as well, thanks.


We are happy to announce that the new version of CCS has been released a couple of hours ago and we completed our tests. You can update your instances. Release notes are accessible in the link below.
C1 Product Management

Hi Team @melih @Ilker

Although I’ve not tried the new update scheduling settings yet, so far we have not experienced any issues with the March release. Keep up the good work :slight_smile:


Thanks Alex,

We are very happy to hear that :smiley: All ITSM and C1 teams are working hard to keep it this way.

Best Regards