MD5 Checksum value monitoring for the file -UPCOMING

Hi ,

Please use below script to monitor MD5 checksum value changes for any file.

Edit parameters

  1. originalmd5=‘1DE85AAB28B9DF08B3F604CD6F2B0B4D’ - Provide your monitoring file’s orginal checksum MD5
  2. File = “C:\Users\Jasmine\Downloads\rcsetup153.exe” ## Provide the file path to be monitored for checksum changes

For more information, please refer ITarian Forum - ITarian Forum

This sample script generate alert if any changes happens to monitor file

File = "C:\\Users\\Jasmine\\Downloads\\rcsetup153.exe" ## you can change your path here...

import hashlib
import sys

def alert(arg):
    sys.stderr.write("%d%d%d" % (arg,arg,arg))
    # Please use "alert(1)" to turn on the monitor(trigger an alert)
    # Please use "alert(0)" to turn off the monitor(disable an alert)
    # Please do not change above block and write your script below

def findmd5(File):
    BLOCKSIZE = 65536
    hasher = hashlib.md5()
    with open(File, 'rb') as afile:
        buf =
        while len(buf) > 0:
            buf =

if findmd5(File)!=originalmd5.lower():
    print  'MD5 Checksum value of file " {} " has been changed'.format(File)
    print  'MD5 Checksum value of file " {} " is same as orignal checksum'.format(File)

Sample output: