MDM does not install applications when sending the command

Hi, I am experiencing a rather annoying problem.

  1. When I tell the system to send certain preselected apps to install on iPad, they do not install. The option to be able to install is active and still does not work.

  2. When I add a new iPad to my list of devices and I want to install the apps only on that device, this is not possible, when I give the indication to the system to install, they disappear from everywhere and are installed again (if hopefully all iPads receive the indication).

  3. If I tell the system not to use the camera, more than two hours can pass and the camera is still enabled.

  4. I can’t find a way to stop people from not installing games, games magically appear on the ipad and they should not be allowed.

I would appreciate the support to know how to solve these problems, as we think that iTarian could help us to work with computers remotely, but we are hesitating a bit already

Hi @JVT,

Sorry for the delayed response. We have created support ticket #4606542 to investigate the issue and provide feedback.

Kind Regards,