MDM nag screen - Disable DOZE mode for android

Hello, every 60 seconds or seemingly more often I get an alert on Samsung Galaxy S5 to Disable DOZE mode. "Disable energy saving mode (DOZE mode) to ensure stable connection between you and Comodo Client server. I want to choose longer battery life, versus disabling DOZE mode, but cannot find any options for it in PROFILES. How can I disalbe the notification?

Even if you do disable doze the phone has the same pop ups again after a reboot.

Hello @Rickkee,

We have forwarded your concern to our development team to ensure the best possible response. While we strive to achieve resolution as quickly as possible, issues that require configuration changes are typically completed in less than five business days. We have also created a support ticket with you.

After development has reviewed your issue we will pass along any additional updates. Note that production stopping critical issues are handled with the highest priority and addressed in real-time.

Than you for the quick reply. It certainly is a little rough around the edges. It jammed my phone a few times, and I couldn’t answer a call. Other times, it takes over the email or messages or firefox window, almost like the other app is running in a Comodo frame. I’m afraid I had to uninstall it. I’ll try it again in a few months.