Wjhat am I doing wrong? I have the Endpoint Manager MDM installed on my Android phone. When I look at the RMM it shows all the apps that are allowed and Facebook is one of them. When I go to use it, I get a message stating “'According to the established policies, you don’t have access to ‘Facebook’ application” If it’s allowed, why would I not have access to it?

What policy have you applied to your mobile?

Have you used the default or have you made your own?

I ask as I’d say use the default to start and test with as it should not block anything.

See that’s where I’m going wrong. I set up the standard Android Profile, but I don’t see where to change or set policies.

I wonder if there is a way to get a Walkthrough of the RMM system? I asked for a “Demo” when I first signed up, and it seems like the sales guy wanted to talk only about the CCS part. I’ve been trying to read the help pages but this one is not something I can find on the help pages.

RMM and CCS, be it a phone, tablet or computer used policies located from the side menu.

Once you have your policy you need to assign it to a group, a group is the folders under your clients name.

Click on one, and then look at the top bar and choose manage group. Now the menu with change, and one option is to manage policies.

This should get the right policy to the right groups for you.