Message when program's files are containted

Hi, We need to be able to show a Warning message/image when something is in containment. We had a client who updated their software (Which is safe) but comodo contained the update. He didn’t notice the thin green line around it and now has lost 3 days of work. Is it possible to have something in place to notify users?

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You can turn on endpoint notifications from Profiles -> {selected_profile} -> UI Settings -> enable “Show notification messages” option.

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I see that however we want a custom message as this one just confuses customers.

Custom message for Comodo Client - Security events is not possible as of now. What kind of message would you like to show to end user? Comodo Client - Security shows below message for contained apps upon execution.


We would like to input a warning image. Basically saying program is contained please call … to have the program checked and added to the safelist.

Or such as the image attached.

I had a similar experience a while ago… not with a client but ourselves! We were processing our payroll which automatically submits to HMRC, A month later at the next payroll run we noticed that the previous run wasnt showing in payroll history at all. We tried to process the previous months payroll again but HMRC said it had already been processed… Turns out an update on the payroll software was temporarily run in the Comodo virtual desktop (we didnt notice) and the payroll somehow submitted to HMRC successfully but the data was not saved at our end due to being in a virtual desktop. Caused us some issues as we couldn’t process the current run until the previous one had been processed and couldnt process that one because HMRC flag said already submitted. .

@monster-it ,we have a monitor set on profile which creates a ticket for AV events including containment. This allows us to be notified by email and on the Service Desk ticket.

@nct We do not use comodo’s helpdesk as we use WHMCS as this links to all our systems gracefully. Is it possible to send email alerts to this or at least linkin whmcs?