Messagebox for currently logged in user if running procedure as LocalSystem user

I’ve tried to search for an answer to this, both on this forum and on general python forums but could not find anything - apologies if it has already been asked/answered.
Our users have limited accounts so cannot uninstall/install software.
I’ve written a script that uninstalls an old version of software and then installs the latest version, but before this happens I would like to be able to ask the user if it is OK to close the software if it is running rather than just kicking them out.
I’ve added a tkMessageBox.askquestion to my script which displays fine if I run the procedure as the currently logged in user.
If I run the procedure as LocalSystem user (so that it can uninstall/install the software) the messagebox is not shown and the script hangs because it is waiting for the messagebox to be responded to.
Is it possible to send a messagebox to the currently logged in user if running a procedure as LocalSystem user?
Many thanks :slight_smile:

Hello @Seahorse27

We feel very great to welcome you to the COMODO family.
It’s not possible to pop a message box with LocalSystem user. Let me give you the brief explonation, apart from the administrator rights the difference between Logged in user and Local System user is communication level with their systems. For Example, we can seperate the services as System based services and user based services. System services are one which can take effect with overall system with all the users. User services are one which the action can only applied within the limit that he/she has been allowed.

Poping up message box is runing as temporary service which has communication only with the currently logged in user. If you run as LocalSystem user it will be still finding for the mouse or keyboard action to give an input even if user is logged on and it will not consider the logged on user. So, it’s not possible to pop up a message with Local System user instead it can be done as Logged in user.

I hope, i have cleared out your query. Thnank you very much

Ah ok, disappointing but I understand - thank you for the prompt response and clear explanation.